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And Batman Arkanjel White Dawn is up in 3, 2, 1!
Batman Arkanjel White Dawn by RoberimusMillar
Batman Arkanjel White Dawn
"No matter what color I am you will never defeat me!"-Dr. Tommy Oliver- Power Rangers Dino Thunder

Tommy Oliver was just an average orphaned kid living in the hell hole that was New Gotham City and though surrounded by despair he refused to let the environment where the criminals and the corrupt ruled get him down. He struggled to survive in this nightmare until a new nightmare shook the foundations of this damned city, the Nightmare of the Batman Arkanjel. Inspired by his defiance of the malevolent masters who ruled New Gotham, Tommy spent days and nights trying to catch a glimpse of the Dark Angel Knight. He got closer than he could ever hope to be. On one horrible failed mission Batman was completely incapacitated by the Joker! Tommy hid Batman from his enemies while he recovered and proved smart enough to deduce Batman's secret identity. Impressed with Tommy's abilities, Batman took him to be trained as a member of his Dark Angel Knights, earning Tommy the identity of the Quetzal among the Five hands of Fate. Tommy was eventually sent away to continue the battle against those who sought to burn this world in Angel Grove, where he became the Green and eventually the White Mighty Morphing Power Ranger. Before Tommy left for Angel Grove, Batman gave Tommy a sealed box, telling him he would only open it when he knew what was inside and that it was time to use it. After a rough mission as the White Ranger, Tommy was put in a coma, believed not able to wake up for who knows how long. But the unconscious state was interrupted by the sound of the GNN being played to loud. The news report of Bane breaking Batman reached Tommy's ears forcing him to revive. At this he opened the box and discovered the ring of Merlin waiting for him inside. Using the ring and the resources his teacher left him, Tommy evolved into the White Angel Knight and set out to continue the never ending battle for Justice. The Batman Arkanjel White Dawn had been born.......... 
Batman Arkanjel White Dawn Symbol by RoberimusMillar
Batman Arkanjel White Dawn Symbol
From the Ashes of Knightfall, The Knight-Blades will awaken. The White Dawn is coming.....
And Batwoman Arkanjel Silver Titania is up in 3, 2, 1!
Batwoman Arkanjel Silver Titania by RoberimusMillar
Batwoman Arkanjel Silver Titania
In the years where Kris Karl December was the Zero Dynasty Knight, it became evident that he required a partner in his relentless war on crime! By sheer luck he encountered Tania crown princess of Atlantis, lost, orphaned and alone. Kris took it upon himself to train her in his defensive ways of the Arkanjel! At this she excelled as the Steel Sparrow Knight! And after he became the Batman Arkanjel this role continued for the part Angel part Lanti. Eventually she proved worthy of joining the Knight-Blade Core and was given the task of recovering the Ark of the Covenant from U.S. Government circles! She succeeded and was rewarded by taking the test of origin! Upon her success and in light of her triumph she became a Batwoman of the Dark Angel Knight legacy in her own right! Or rather the Steel Angel Knight..........


Robert Arthur Mundy
Leaders: Batman Arkanjel VR RAM Monarch/Xavier Elijah Zion; Antithesis= Light Arkanjel-Earth 371
Batman Arkanjel/Kris Karl December; Antithesis= Darkness Arkanjel-Earth 0
The Bishops of Ark: Iron Fist Dragaine/Augustine Keeper-Earth 371
Cypher Teshnorgic/Rebecca Webley-Earth 371
Crimson Alchemist/Raymond Reglay-Earth 0
Phantasm Thanatos/ Daniel Maxwell-Earth 0
Shado Faerie/Sarah Lin-Earth 0
The Five Hands of Fate: Robin Eldar Virtuality/ Red Robin Avariel/ Kelly Julia Jordan-Earth 371
Robin Arkanjel/ Flamebird Arkanjel/ Nanine Gracen-Earth 0
Nightwing Eztary/Batwing Arkanjel/Shane Gracen-Earth 371
Nightwing Eldar/ Batwoman Avariel/Kelly Julia Jordan-Earth 0
Batgirl Meta-Kana/Batwoman Meta-Kana/ Robbie B-9-Earth 371
Batgirl Avariel/Black Bat Avariel/ Marci Lin-Earth 0
Quetzal Eztary/Batman Arkanjel Hellfreide/Batman Arkanjel White Dawn/Tommy Oliver-Earth 0
Silver Sparrow Knight Atlantean/Steel Bat Knight Casmonjel/ Titania of Atlantis-Earth 0
Knight-Blade Core: Batman Arkanjel Untold/ Jenner Acolyte
Batman Arkanjel Dark Warrior/ Travis December
Batman Arkanjel Zero/Raphael Valentine December/Batman Arkanjel 001
Batman Arkanjel Hellfreide/Batman Arkanjel White Dawn/Tommy Oliver
Batman Arkanjel Zero-Knight/ King Arthur Pendragon
Batman Magi/Shannon Jared Mason
Batman Arkanjel Holy Knight
Agents of H.I.V.E.: Leaders: Queen Bee Shaman/Shandra Anders-Earth 371
Green Hornet Exorcist/ Jeremy Davis- Earth 0
-Agents: Tiger Lily Shinken- Lillian Shoros-Earth 371
 Kato Shinobazu- Kato Mayazki-Earth 0
Yellow Jacket Teshnorgic/ Derek Sandurz-Earth 371
Blue Beetle Teshnorgic/Eric Verdenand-Earth 0
Joystick Hacker/ Melanie-Earth 371
White Rabbit/ Kenna- Earth 0
Mystique Neotype/???-Earth 371/Earth 0
Dark Angel Knights: Lady Fey Four/Elsa Kapp- Earth 371
Green Arrow Eldar/ Neil Leon- Earth 0
Catwoman Neko-Onna Guardian of Terabyte/ Andrea Paxdomai-Earth 371
Darkwing Duck Toon Phoenix Knight/Drake Mallard; Antithesis= Negaduck Toon Chimera Lich- Earth 0
List Incomplete, In Progress..........

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