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Stupendous Man Phaserunner by RoberimusMillar
Stupendous Man Phaserunner
Hobbes: You're going wear a costume that resembles both the Dark Angel and the Man of Steel and use both of their abilities?!

Calvin: Can you think of a better way to honor them now that they're gone?! This is a job for.....

(Trips over his coat.)

Hobbes: For?!

Calvin: Someone else!

Between the 175 Mile distance of the interstate from New Gotham and Metropolis there is only small stop on the way, the tiny city of Philos O Watt. A seemingly insignificant little place in America everyone considers it not worth the trip. But this is the biggest lie the world can offer. For the this seemingly innocent place is the last known stronghold of a race which by definition is the aspect of all creativity. From the snow demons that feed on snow artwork, to the mysterious occurrences of possible dinosaurs flying fighter jets, everything impossible can and will take place in this city, for it is the place where this race of many myths hold court. Once called the Muses by the Greeks, this species is truthfully called the Enigami and they are believed extinct. But in truth one single survivor exists after all of this time. Once a little boy with a stuffed tiger, he was about 16 years of age when the Batman Arkanjel and the Superman Chronomorph made their moves against the crime syndicates that rule the world. The young teen was greatly inspired by their exploits but for the longest time could do nothing. Then a accident at the nuclear physics laboratory where his girlfriend Susie worked  changed young Calvin's' life forever. An extrademensional rift appeared in the middle of his small city awakening all of the sleeping impossible's as well as his own unimaginable powers. Within a week of his awakening, Superman was killed by Doomsday and Batman was broken by Bane forcing the young teen into action. With his friend Hobbes brought to full life by the power of the rift and Calvin's abilities at full max, Calvin choose to honor the legacy of those who came before him as the youngest member to ever be inducted into the Justice Legion A. The Crimson Day Knight had been born......... 
Stupendous Man Phaserunner Logo by RoberimusMillar
Stupendous Man Phaserunner Logo
The Crimson Day Knight is Born! Calvin rises to become the ultimate among the Enigami......
Jes The Lady Joker by RoberimusMillar
Jes The Lady Joker
First Meeting

Batman Arkanjel VR RAM Monarch: Who the hell are you?!

Jes The Lady Joker: I'm Jes. Short for Jester. But then could I really keep calling myself the Joker like this Batsy?!

Last Meeting
Jes The Lady Joker: Hello Darling.

Batman Arknajel VR RAM Monarch: Can you tell what I'm thinking Jes? As far as I can surmise it's written all over my face! From the very beginning I've known there's nothing wrong with you I can't fix with my hands!

Once upon a time there was a little girl with an unimportant name. She had a aggressive scum for parents who abused her almost bipolar nature. She didn't understand the first thing about caring because she never experienced it. And one day she met a little boy with an important name who didn't have any parents. A boy named Xavier Elijah Zion of the city of Terabyte. She saw this boy had kindness and envied him. Maybe if she didn't have any parents she would be kind too. So she slit their throats in the dead of night and ran away into the dark to freedom. For the following years she obsessively followed Xavier Elijah Zion in his witness protection program where he developed the skills for his destiny and Dark Virtual Angel Knight. She stalked him and became jealous as he met and engaged himself to Michelle Dinah(Wonder Woman Midnight Hacker) and would do anything to replace her in his heart. It was then she was approached by a maleficence within the artificial reality of computers. It called itself Viral and promised to grant her an eternity where Xavier would never be able to get her out of his thoughts. Years later,  Xavier returned to Terabyte as the new Batman and leader of the Observers User Crusaders. It was during the second year of his crusade in the midst of the gang wars between Black Mask, The Mutants, The Serpentine Society, and the Red King Aristocracy that a new foe appeared that started killing all side with the mark of a very familiar nightmarish grin. From the very beginning as long as there is one there will be the other. Her obsession now amounts to both sides of the same man. Pray that she does not determine they are the same. Because if she does, perhaps she'll kill him, perhaps he'll kill her perhaps sooner, perhaps later..........


Robert Arthur Mundy
The Age of Heroes and Villains

Earth -23
Batman Arkanjel Foundations
Hands Of God: The 11,355 Lost Lives Of The Batman
Batman Arkanjel Zero
Superman Protomorph
The W.E.B.B.
Beetle Borgs Battlix Khepri
Power Rangers Zeroth Flight
Power Rangers Solar
The Shadow Knows
Justice Alliance Eternal
Batman Arkanjel Knight Angel Origins

Earth 371
Infinite Gamer
Infinite Gamer Gallant Grid Guardians
Big Bad Beetle Borg's Scarab Knights
Big Bad Beetle Borg's Metallix Scarab Knights
Battle Toads Matriculated
Digimon Unreality
Green Lantern Magus/Silver Surfer Centurion Chronicles
The Stupendous Man Phaserunner/Weapon Brown Adamant Adventures
Legends of Thanagar
Super Mario Bros. Plumber Knights of Ferral
Infinite Gamer Future Of Doom
Fantastic Five
Big Hiro Nan
Infinite Gamer VRX

Earth 0
Batman Arkanjel
Hero List:
The Dark Angel Knights
Mentors: Batman Arkanjel Zero/Raphael Valentine December
Batwoman Arkanjel Dual Destiny/Isabella Collins December
The Shadow Legendary/Lamont Cranston/Ying Ko/Kent Allard
Doctor Strangefate Survivor/ N/A
White Dragon/Lionel Ryu
The Phantom Unsealed/Edgar Ingerfeldt
Merlin The Prismatic
Zatarra Oberon Erlkoneig 
 Leader: Batman Arkanjel/Batman Arkanjel Echo Victory Knight 1/Batman Arkanjel Time Shadow Crusader/Batman Arkanjel Dynasty Zero Knight 1/Kris Karl December/Shannon Jared Mason/Zakai Anthony Millar/Franklin Phobos Wainwright
Bishops of Ark: The Crimson Alchemist/Raymond Reglay
The Phantasm Spectral/Daniel Maxwell
Shado Faerie/Sarah Lin
The Five Hands Of Fate: Robin Arkanjel/Batwoman Arkanjel Firebrand/Nanine Gracen
Nightwing Eldar/Batwoman Arkanjel Faerie Matriarch/Kelly Julia Jordan December
Batgirl Avariel/Black Bat Avariel/Marci Lin
Quetzal Eltarean/Batman Arkanjel White Dawn/Tommy Oliver
Steel Sparrow Knight/Batwoman Arkanjel Silver Titania/Tanya Coronado
Knight-Blade Corps: Agent Terror/Batman Arkanjel Dark Warrior/Ernest Lewis December
Batman Arkanjel Echo Victory Knight 2/Batman Arkanjel Honor of Origin/Batman Arkanjel Zenith Knight/Timothy Kane December/Jax Nathan Kirke
 Robin Arkanjel/Batwoman Arkanjel Firebrand/Nanine Gracen
Nightwing Eldar/Batwoman Arkanjel Faerie Matriarch/Kelly Julia Jordan December
The Spoiler Eztary/Batman Magi/Shannon Jared Mason/Davide Arkham
Steel Sparrow Knight/Batwoman Arkanjel Silver Titania/Tanya Coronado
El Aguila Strider/Batman Arkanjel Amigo/ Jacob Fernandez
Knight Dragaine/Batman Arkanjel Hellfreide/Lao Chang
Blackbird Arkanjel/Batman Arkanjel Prodigal/Roland Flanders
Holy Hood Arkanjel/Batman Arkanjel Holy Knight/Lovell Flanders
Batman Arkanjel Dynasty Zero Knight 2/Arthur Pendragon Jr.
Batman Arkanjel Forest Hood/Arthur Thomas Millar
Knights Techinical: Overseer/Audrey Wolfe
Oracle/Gabby Mortimer
Hardware/Dennis Conrad
The Silent/ Marvin Schultz
Lina The Mauve
Agents Of H.I.V.E.: Green Hornet Exorcist
Kato Shinobazu
White Rabbit Agent Of H.I.V.E.
Yellow Jacket Teshnorgic
The Beetle Teshnorgic

Superman Chronomorph
Wonder Woman Age of Amazonia
Spider-Man Sybernautrale
Hulk Deamone-Teck
Green Lantern Magus/Silver Surfer Centurion Chronicles
The Darkman Deathless/Meteor Man Chronomorph Adventures
The Stupendous Man Phaserunner/Weapon Brown Adamant Adventures
The Tracy Bullet Case Files
Batman Magi
Legends of Thanagar
Darkwing Duck Toon Knight
The Mask Returns
Green Hornet Exorcist and the Agents of H.I.V.E.
Justice Legion A
Freedom Forever Foundation
The Once and Future Knights
Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Relaunch
Power Rangers ZXT
Power Rangers Space Rebellion
Watchman Unlimited
The Orphans of Elder-Knight
X-Men Neotype
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Gaiden Remix
Titan Defenders
Batman Arkanjel Remnant
Batman Arkanjel Finality
Superman Hypermorph
Justice A-Next

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